February 2014

Samples available for purchase: The “Lady Like” lace dress, size Small. The “Maxi Life” jumpsuit available in a medium. Email info@dauxilly.com to purchase.

Follow @terencelester and support the love beyond walls movement bringing awareness and aid to the homeless all while spreading and showing the love of Christ!!

Seeing @2sisters_angie Instagram of her daughters creation totally reminded me soo much of myself growing up!! Only, I dressed babies lol this child is far more advanced then I was at the age of 4. I thank God for giving me a very encouraging and supportive mother @chefauxilly !! She has played a huge role in my career as a designer and ministry. My point is, parents, recognize your child’s gift and be supportive! It will pay off!!

TONITE at 9PM!! The topic is: The “Blessing in Blessing Your Enemies.” Click the link in my bio then, the link in the latest post.

Join me Tuesday night for live stream BIBLE STUDY UNFILTERED! The topic will be “The Blessing In Blessing Your Enemies!” Managing your emotions, showing mercy and not letting pride stand in the way of your breakthrough. Email dauxillyspeaks@gmail.com to receive the link and reminder for tomorrow nights live stream! Be blessed!

Bible study starts tonight at 9! Topic: WHAT TO DO WHEN YOUR CIRCUMSTANCE DON’T SEEM TO MATCH GOD’S PROMISE! See the link in my bio, then click the link in the latest post!

See my latest post, “What is standing between you and your purpose?” Pt 1. Check the link in my bio or visit dauxillyspeaks.com