April 2014

“He prepares a table before in the presents of my enemies. Psalms 23:5
“He” meaning God. When God shows you off, it’s for his glory. When you show-off, it’s done out of pride and the bible says God humbles the proud. Wherever God brings you, always be humble and gracious, even to haters and once upon a time doubters.” via @dauxillyspeaks

The time is now. Jesus is the way the truth and the life. The way to joy, to true life, to abundance, to enteral peace. You don’t have to fight. God is willing to fight for you.

Today in women who #SlayAndPray ( yes @tineaportertgr I’m running with it!!!!) @sarahdjakes. We may not look like the church mothers but the devil is still shook. Lol The Bible says, “Don’t let the excitement of youth cause you to forget your Creator. Honor him in your youth before you grow old and say, “Life is not pleasant anymore.”Ecclesiastes 12:1 Stop seeing life in Christ as a life full of restrictions and know the truth… That true freedom starts with boundaries.

“You may not be able to control their behavior at that moment, but you can control what you say and what you say can shape thier future. The bible says, “call those things that be not as though they are.” Please speak life to your children!” – @dauxillyspeaks

Your words carry power. They are weapons that can defend you against an attacker, hurt innocent people or ruin your life. Tune in tonight for the bible study teaching on prayer. Live stream begins at 9pm but can be viewed anytime after. View at dauxillyspeaks.com and follow my ministry page, @dauxillyspeaks

“The spotlight of success might as well be a microscope and the devil will use people to point out your flaws in an effort to get you to shy away from the platform God has given you.
Don’t be naive to the fact that persecution comes with the blessing. Pray for God to give you the grace and strength to remain confident in him and #unbothered.” – @dauxillyspeaks

Just finished speaking about prayer. Tune to Bible Study Unfiltered Tuesdays at 9pm at dauxillyspeaks.com. Follow my ministry page @dauxillyspeaks

by @dauxillyspeaks “There are things we desire that we know deep down isn’t God’s will for us to have. Instead of embracing that, we wrestle with God in vain, while robbing ourselves of joy, and peace. I pray that you learn to trust God and be content but not complacent with whatever season you’re in and whatever he allows you to have.” Follow my ministry page @dauxillyspeaks