May 2014

by @dauxillyspeaks “In fact, a rough life makes for a glorious testimony only if you choose to call on The Lord instead of becoming bitter or remaining a victim. Join me tonight for live stream online bible study at 9pm eastern time for the teaching, “I don’t have to take this.” A teaching on trusting God and walking in his power to fulfill your purpose despite what you’re going through. View at

We think we know what we want and what’s best but without instruction from God, we end up choosing the wrongs things and people. If you missed the live stream of tonight’s bible study, “What We Do wrong when looking for Mr. Right”, you can watch now or anytime at as well as any other previous message. Be blessed.

Dancing with my favorite lady my mommy @chefauxilly ! Can’t look at this pic with almost coming to tears. I love you mommy. Thank you soo much for everything. You deserve everything! Your sacrifices were certainly not in vain. Just watch.

Client wearing the Pope dress in white. Call 212.356.0033 to customize your order! PLEASE NOTE: D. Auxilly only customizes and creates D. Auxilly original designs.

Just take this as evidence that Jesus loves you so much that he used some random girl who makes dresses and preaches on social media, to speak his word to you.

Sis, you’re impressed by his life but you know he has no intentions on making you apart of it. Security is not something you have to chase or subject yourself to disrespect and degradation to have. Security is found in Christ. Give your heart to Jesus and he places it in the right hands.