May 2014

by @dauxillyspeaks “He’s thinking of ways to make you happy meanwhile, you out here chasing that “love and hip hop” relationship. He won’t wait in the friend zone forever. The woman who has grown out of the bad boy phase will snatch him up. Wake up sis!”

by @dauxillyspeaks “You got a day off and planned on using the day to work on your goals, and someone asks you to babysit.
You managed to save some money to invest in yourself, and someone calls with a sad story asking you for money… These are your termites, and they are eating away at your purpose.
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We don’t know. We don’t need to know. Think how you’ve responded to people who don’t know you, talking about you and digging in your business. Celebs are human and if you want to be famous, I’m sure you’ll want people to remember that. #hadtoSayIt #theMemesWereFunnyThou #yallGottaChill

Definitely an honor to be there. You looked beautiful, glowing and really happy @lilkimthequeenbee !!! God bless you and your family!

Saturday night at Lil’Kim’s baby shower. It was the shower of all baby showers! Good times with @moitup2u and the hubby @uniiqepro

@beauty_mia and I just finished a makeup class and bible study brunch hosted by @bukekile !!! Thank you for having us! Who wants to come to our next Beauty and Bible Brunch???

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by @dauxillyspeaks “It can save your job, relationships and even your life. Nobody wants yes men around yet, nobody wants people to hold them accountable either. If you could hold your tongue and ignore that defensive, egotistical voice, you’ll realize that what they’re saying, is true.”