May 2014

by @uniiqepro “Very rarely do I share any information or details about my life publicly, for I am a private person. However this occasion; OUR UNION on 4.26.14 deserves a celebration. We’ve both graduated in CHRIST unto a new level of life with him TOGETHER. I’m blessed & favored to have this beautiful person @dauxilly as my LIFE PARTNER. #proudtobeyourhusband #blessedtobeyourking #favor #royalty #proverbs1822 #examples”

You’ve prayed. You’ve fasted. You’ve asked the elders of the Church and your praying Grandma to pray for you and God’s answer was NO. Why? Tune in tonight for a biblically based teaching on why we sometimes don’t get what we prayed for. Visit and follow @dauxillyspeaks

by @dauxillyspeaks “This time last year, on the day of the Gala, I made a deep sigh as I realized that another year was passing and I hadn’t gotten to see a celebrity in one of my designs at the Met Gala. Only to realize within a few hours that the dream was coming to pass. I’d loaned the dress to Stylist @apujekalu for a photo shoot with Eve. She then decided to wear the dress straight from set to the Gala. While I was having a pity party, God was answering my prayer.
He gave you a gift just like he gave me one. Now give it back to him by using it to glorify him. #Jesus #myTestimony

20+ sketches, 6 different fabrics, 30 yds of ostrich feathers, 30 hours of labor and lots of prayer…. and then I gave birth to this dress. It is by far the most difficult dress I’ve ever made. I gave up on it about 3 times but I’m glad I saw it through.