July 2014

#dauxillysamplesale White Ms.Pope dress fits size 6-8. 50% I off the original price. Email info@dauxilly.com to order or call 917.275.2504 to order.

#dauxillySampleSale White Ms. Pope dress available. Fits size 6-8 email info@dauxilly.com or call 212.356.0033 purchase.

The bible says the word of God is sharper than any two edged sword. That’s how powerful it is yet because we’re lazy or preoccupied with other things, we settle for Godly symbols that can’t solve our problem. Tune in tonight for the Bible Study Unfiltered teaching, “Activating the Word and Seeing Results. Watch live at 9pm est or anytime after at dauxillyspeaks.com

#Tbt shortly after celebrating my boutique opening in 2006, I started believing and speaking in faith that I’m opening a showroom in Manhattan. I heard things like, “thats expensive” “you can’t afford it” and “why do you want to go so far?” I’m pretty sure the phrase, “who does she think she is”? was said behind my back. But nevertheless I had a vision from God and I refused to be moved by opinions. Within 2 years, I began my search for a spot, didn’t know where the money was going to come from but I looked. I found this beautiful space on fifth ave. I was intimated by the price but @chefauxilly who always believed in me, encouraged me to go for it and I did. This was where I started my transition from being a dressmaker to a designer, where Dauxilly.com all started! #ThankYouJesus If only you would BELIEVE!!

by @dauxillyspeaks “Tune in tonight at 9pm for tonight bible study lesson, “God, why are you taking so long”? Watch live at 9pm est time or anytime after at dauxillyspeaks.com”