August 2014

In our society, they would have you believe that these men are criminals. We don’t know that. Instead of being afraid, passing judgement and walking away, this woman chose love. You can tell that they respect her as she respects them and in doing so, the door was open for her to display the love of Christ. THIS IS WHAT CHRISTIANITY LOOKS LIKE!

I don’t know who this women is but God bless her! God used her to intervene and intercede. I am so moved by this and I’m sharing this to let you know that Jesus MUST be the center in order for there to be change!!! Christians are called to be the light in dark places and that included where there is injustice! Agree with me in prayer that God will continue to use this women and protect her and that Christ would raise up more of his people to be that loving, fearless light the world needs! In Jesus name, amen!

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To most people, bad things should only happen to bad people and when something bad happens to you, you must have done something wrong. That is not always true. Join me tonight for tonight’s Bible Study Unfiltered to have a better understanding on trails so your better equipped to handle them when they come. View live or anytime after 9pm at

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