I am an artist. My canvases are women that lack inhibitions and could care less for public opinion. In my art, she is the conversation piece. I pull inspiration from all aspects of life. My pieces most often reflect my love for old hollywood, my obsession with architectural structures and my Jamaican roots. These elements and influences come together to create a label like no other. I was born and raised in New York City.  As the eldest of four girls, and raised by a single mother, I was always determined to not only succeed but make my mark and be an example doing what I was born to do.

I started very small. A $300 investment in a Kenmore sewing machine, the goodness of Jesus Christ, an intense desire to create, birthed a lucrative business. I developed a clientele by wearing my own designs to local parties where my designs generated interest in young women.  At age 21, I decided to drop out of college and open a boutique in Westchester, New York where I designed custom clothing for women of all sizes. Two years later, I relocated to midtown manhattan. I went on to start my first collection, which made its debut during New York fashion week in September of 2009.

The label began to attract the attention of stylists, editors and bloggers. My first and most memorable breakthrough for my brand came in 2010 when rapper Nicki Minaj performed on David Letterman wearing what is now known as the “Nicki dress”. The same year brought more celebrity, and magazine features but I faced an issue. While more people had become aware of my brand, many stores were reluctant to carry the label. Retailers were fearful of carrying the labels of relatively unknown designers especially designers that didn’t play it safe. The recession wasn’t helping that sentiment either. The problem of demand with limited channels of distribution birthed the online store, www.dauxilly.com.  I felt that women worldwide should have access to what I had to offer and the industry’s rejection wasn’t about to hinder that.

I knew I had a gift and while my line isn’t for everyone, there are a group of women somewhere on God’s green earth that will appreciate it, support it, wear it, turn heads and cause jaws to drop. I’m still finding them, and they are still finding me. I’m moved whenever clients share their photos in my pieces on social media. There is always a confidence that exudes from the photo and an attitude that says, “I owned the night!” These moments are like the fuel that keeps me moving along this journey.

Today, I work with a highly skilled and dedicated team in the heart of New York City, to create and produce a label that knows no boundaries, while encouraging others to find and pursue their God given purpose.

The journey continues…