Repost from @d_galbraithspeaks A trick of satan is to lead you to believe that it is your effort, expertise, knowledge and connections that caused you to get where you are. In embracing this mindset, you eventually turn away from God because you don’t realize that ALL things are from him and your efforts mean NOTHING if he doesn’t allow it to prosper. Humble yourself and realize, you need him. #Jesus

by @dauxillyspeaks “This time last year, on the day of the Gala, I made a deep sigh as I realized that another year was passing and I hadn’t gotten to see a celebrity in one of my designs at the Met Gala. Only to realize within a few hours that the dream was coming to pass. I’d loaned the dress to Stylist @apujekalu for a photo shoot with Eve. She then decided to wear the dress straight from set to the Gala. While I was having a pity party, God was answering my prayer.
He gave you a gift just like he gave me one. Now give it back to him by using it to glorify him. #Jesus #myTestimony

#tbt leave it to @chefauxilly to find this! Lol I’d always dreamed about being apart of this show. Then it happened. I realized that God will give you a glimpse or a picture of where he wants to take to take you and it’s up you to add your faith and walk towards it even when you feel like you’ll never get there. God is for you and he is not teasing you by giving you a talent or gift that he doesn’t intend to make prosper. #trustHim #KnowHim #Jesus