January 2012


“I met Lola Purping during our “photo-walk” at Binondo today. She was sitting quietly at the gutter right outside the San Lorenzo Ruiz Church. I couldn’t help but noticed the big lump on her face that she is trying to cover with her hair. She would throw some shy glances at me perhaps because she felt uneasy that a big guy carrying a huge camera is staring at her. I smiled at her and she timidly smiled back at me. I sat besides her and tried to strike a conversation.

Lola Purping is a street dweller from Samar. She is about 70 years old with poor eyesight and carrying a large tumor near her face. She and her grandchildren would sleep with empty stomachs on the streets where and whenever the night would catch them. I told her that she is a bit old to take care of her grandchildren. She told me that her children left her without a choice as they went to Cotobato and never returned until now.

2 days ago, she lost her few valuables, money and medicines to a pickpocket as she was going out of the church where she stays from morning till afternoon.

I asked her if I can take her photo and put her story on my blog hoping that some kind souls might be able to offer some help – any help. With tears on her eyes, she nodded.

If you happen to pass by San Lorenzo Ruiz Church in Binondo, you might see Lola Purping quietly sitting along the gutter when she is not inside the church praying. Please offer a kind smile to her.

I would appreciate if you can share this and make it viral until it reaches the heart of someone capable of and willing to help her and her grand children.”

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