January 2014

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So I deleted this picture and reposted it. I challenge you to get pass how funny this is and see how the person who owns the vehicle (used for business) got pass the fact that they don’t have the money to fix it, or maybe the time and that they may be laughed at but they did whatever they could, using their resources to keep business moving. Once you’ve received the lesson behind this, I pray you take it and become motivated to do whatever it takes to keep the ball rolling in whatever it is that you do despite public opinion. As much as I laughed, I’m sure he’ll be laughing to the bank. #progressOverPerception

Assisting director @uniiqepro at @swankychichair boutique in Queens. Stop by!
129-05 Merrick BLVD, Jamaica 11434

Yes, I am aware my site is down INDEFINITELY because I’m the one that shut it down. Thank you for the concern, sorry for the inconvenience. I will have a sample sale soon. Stay tuned. P.S. no, I’m not suffering or having a Justin Beiber. There’s more to my life than design. Stay tuned.

Today I’m creative directing a shoot for hairstylist @beyondfabmo and luxury hair company @swankychichair !!! #getIn #beyondfabmo #beyondfabhair #swankychichair