October 2014

#rp from @nafessacollection so you’ll just by pass the fact that I have MY OWN collection and ask me for another designers piece. I don’t think many of you realize that it’s insulting.

Repost from @d_galbraithspeaks A trick of satan is to lead you to believe that it is your effort, expertise, knowledge and connections that caused you to get where you are. In embracing this mindset, you eventually turn away from God because you don’t realize that ALL things are from him and your efforts mean NOTHING if he doesn’t allow it to prosper. Humble yourself and realize, you need him. #Jesus

Coming soon to dauxilly.com!! Shot by @uniiqepro (the hubby)lol with models @ashunderstood @amfmlove and Jacqueline #dauxilly #holiday #uniiqepro

@uniiqepro and I up working. Late shoot with @beautymia. Holidays are coming… Who wants a holiday shoot styled by me in #dauxilly peices?!! #stepYourChristmasCardGameUp email dominique@uniiqe.com

One of my fav shots of model @amfmlove shot by @uniiqepro. Email info@dauxilly.com to pre-order!