The Key The Ending Abortion

By Dominique Galbraith

How might a woman’s decision be different if she had an army of women not only telling her she can make it but helping her make it? What if there were policies and systems in place that equipped her to support her family and unborn child after birth? What if she knew that she was being prayed for and supported instead of feeling condemned? 

The vast majority of abortions are performed on women who are facing economic hardship. Abortion, which is often presented as healthcare, is a prescribed “solution” to women pregnant with a child they believe they can’t support. But there are several issues with this “solution.” 

  • Abortion does not change the spiritual and economic condition of the woman who has the procedure meaning that she will more than likely have another abortion. 
  • This “solution” not only destroys a child but has emotionally wounded many women and caused psychological damage. These are consequences that abortion practitioners fail to disclose. 
  • Having an abortion diminishes the chances of women being able to have children in the future. Another fact practitioners and pro-choice advocates fail to disclose. 

What I want people to know about abortion is that it is NOT healthcare. It is population control that begins with the poor and is the number one killer of African Americans. It is a murderous procedure, that lines the pockets of those running the clinics through the sale of the aborted baby’s body parts and financially rewards those that advocate for abortion in the political arena. My goal is not to condemn anyone who has had an abortion but to inform and encourage those who will consider it in the future. It is also to discuss possible solutions to the issues that put women in the position to consider abortion. I firmly believe that the most effective approach to ending abortion or making it the very last considered option, is to inform and empower women, equipping them mentally, spiritually, and economically. 

Let us talk about solutions.  Let us dream.  Let us envision what empowerment could look like on all levels. 

Federal Level

Shift federal funding from controlling the reproduction of the poor to economical empowerment of the poor.

According to predictions based on current trends on the economy, the American economy is shifting towards an economy in which the majority of American workers will be freelance or self-employed. Since entrepreneurship is the future, those that claim to advocate for the poor would be doing the poor a terrible disservice by not preparing them for that future. As a Christian, I believe that God has given everyone at least 1 ability that can be developed and trained to produce a living for that individual and their family. What if the government set aside funding for local organizations and the development of schools and programs to train people living in underserved communities in business finance, entrepreneurship skills, and the basics of taxation while connecting them with resources specific to their gifts/skill set? 

Here are some other ideas: 

  1. A tax credit for those running and attending entrepreneurial and training schools 
  2. Reallocate a portion of welfare funding to small business grants, loans, and/or entrepreneurial education. 
  3. Tax credits for businesses that provide grants, internships, and resources such as equipment and courses to single parents and those living with an income below $50,000. 
  4. Grant income tax holidays to entrepreneurs in their first 2 years of business or until they’ve surpassed $60,000 in net earnings.
  5. Make first time home buyer purchases for self-employed parents earning less than $50,000, tax-deductible. 
  6. Incentivize local governments to improve social programs that successfully upgrade its residence of off public assistance by increasing funding. 

While the actions I recommend on the federal level involve spending and lowering taxes, these actions would ultimately boost the economy and decrease spending as these actions would result in decreasing the number of people depending on the system.  I believe that government assistant should not be the first step of action for those in need but I also don’t believe in doing away with government assistants totally. I do advocate for reforming social programs so that they are successfully taking people off of the system and into positions of independence. 

City and State Government level

  1. The state must make every attempt to dissuade women from getting an abortion, providing hope through counselors, and informing and disclosing the consequence of abortion. 

It must be made mandatory for abortion practitioners to fully disclose the emotional and physical risk, as well as the possibility of not being able to have children after an abortion. They must also provide counselors sponsored by pro-life advocate groups and local churches to counsel women who show up to abortion clinics yet are undecided and are clearly displaying emotional conflict. Where abortion remains legal, it must not be offered or pushed as a primary option. 

2. Loosen restrictions on public vending to include low-income residents. 

Local governments should grant access to vendor licenses to low-income families and designate more public spaces while setting dates, and time shifts to vendors. This would encourage entrepreneurship, decrease the number of families dependent on the system, empower the local economy, and bring families out of poverty. 

3. Business loan or grant options to welfare applicants. 

Give those that are out of work and seeking assistance but have a desire to start a business, the option of receiving a stipend to cover the cost of resources needed to operate a business. The recipient must present a solid plan with earning potential. In the same way, the state requires recipients to check-in and verify that they are in need or have been looking for a job, is the same way the state can also verify that the recipient is actively working their business plan and seeking the resources they need. The state can partner with churches or local organization to facilitate helping those that choose to accept the stipend. 

Private Sector Solutions 

  1. Partner with local churches and organizations to provide grants, internships, and resources such as equipment and courses to single parents and those living with an income below $50,000 in exchange for a federal tax credit. 
  2. Provide free online training courses related to the industry of your business. This would not only empower people to also become customers of your business but would create a pool of new talent and potential hires. 

The Church

 The issue of abortion is not just an economic issue but a cultural issue.  The church is called to confront the darkness in society and I believe that we must do so by first and foremost spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ beyond the four walls, providing hope and freedom, as well as speak biblical truth about abortion.  We must also confront the darkness in society and culture that leads to abortion by infiltrating culture with God’s truth in innovative ways.  As people who serve the master creator, why aren’t we creating the best films? Music? Content? The ability is present, but I believe the effort, strategy, and resources allocated to such things are not. Ministry must go beyond the four walls and not just to the street corner or YouTube but to every sphere of influence. Let us use our creativity to remind people of the value and sanctity of life, marriage, and godliness in ways that rival and outperform the forms of entertainment and content the secular world has to offer. The church must continue to provide tangible support for those who cannot help themselves and get involved in local government and be informed on a local and national level on policies that impact our community and lend our God-given voices. 


Some of us can adopt.

Finance daycare. 



Finance someone’s education. 

Pray with and pray for expectant mothers.

Help in the job search and prep for interviews.

Donate or sponsor equipment needed to run a small business. 

Share your testimony.

Give advice and share tips on raising children and live a balanced life. 

Connect mothers with opportunities and resources. 

I firmly believe that God wants abortion to end in America. I also believe that those that share this desire, care deeply about this issue and are heartbroken over the lives being taken away from societies most vulnerable and innocent. We live in a special time, one of uncertainty and political turbulence, but also one of tremendous opportunity and possibilities that many are not able to recognize because their situation has blinded them and robbed them of hope. Let us work on every level possible to empower women and families so that pro-life becomes synonymous with pro-family in the eyes of society.